Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Serial Killers Guide

A Serial Killers Guide is a new Ebook Series! With a kick ass premise! A beautiful female serial killer is caught by the CIA while she is in college. She checked out a bunch of books on Serial Killers from a public library..which flagged the CIA who then gave her a choice work for us..hunt and kill other serial killers and high profile targets.or go to prison. She choose to KILL! And kill she does in very gory cool ways! A Serial Killers Guide: Born In Blood - Episode 1 Odette was eight when she made her first kill...a goose...and she loved it. She spent the next few years chasing the elusive "first kill" high again. In high school she graduated to the greatest prey...humans...perfecting her craft of seduction and murder and becoming the lioness she is today. Now she's been recruited by the CIA as the perfect weapon, where she will get paid to do what comes so naturally to her. In return they get to harness her skills and protect the general public from her by keeping her under control. But controlling a lioness may not be as easy as they think... A Serial Killers Guide: The Sinner - Episode 2 Odette is introduced to the team at the CIA office, and her trainer and role model, Ian Gordon. Their first meeting goes from bad to worse, and Ian refuses to train Odette, but she eventually uses her feminine wiles and her quirky nature to convince Ian to train her. Meanwhile, the CIA team members have a hard time coping with having another serial killer in their midst, and Odette soon finds herself in a very odd and scary place that she never thought she would be in. A Serial Killers Guide: Five Fingered Freddy - Episode 3 Odette and Ian go after a Father Son duo out in Florida who have been killing women ruthlessly for a year now.